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Logistics is a series of activities in the process of taking and placing objects or goods according to the planned place and time. Logistics itself consists of two activities, namely movement activities (move) which is dynamic and desire to store (store) which is static.

It cannot be denied that the logistics sector plays a fairly important role in every existing sustainability. The logistics sector is a vital heart for the sustainability of activities in the midst of society itself. Not only that, but the business business sectors also certainly need the logistics sector in their fulfillment.

Brief Story ASL

Beyond Time to Time

Pioneered in 1999 in the city of Surabaya and has been engaged in Logistic Transportation Services. Since then, it was officially independent in 2016 to become PT. ASL continues to develop various innovations and breakthroughs for the transportation and logistics industry.

Starting with local inter-island shipping (Intersuler). ASL began to venture into exports, starting in the State of East Timor (Timor Leste). Where at that time, the State of Timor Leste became the priority focus of transportation and logistics services.

ASL continues to develop the potential for logistics activities both land, sea and air shipments including export, import, warehousing to fulfillment, supply chain logistics services.

Over time, ASL has also penetrated into the logistics project area by becoming an official partner of several construction companies in Indonesia. ASL added a special logistics project division in order to handle projects. ASL continues to contribute to a better future in the logistics transportation industry. Together towards success in realizing an integrated logistics solution that is more precise and better

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Reguler eksport feed mill.

Pelayanan sudah sangat baik, respon juga sangat cepat setiap ada masalah. Baik dari pimpinan maupun staff patut diberi bintang lima.

Grasia Group Direktur Operasional

Design and build oecusse road and bridge Timor Leste

Sangat Memuaskan kami sebagai customer, karena berusaha untuk mendapatkan apa yang kami butuhkan dengan harga yang bersaing.

PT. Wastika Karya ( Persero ). Tbk Project Manager Proyek Timor Lester

Gedung Kantor Inalum. Asahan. Sumatra Utara

PT. ASL Memberikan kepuasan pelanggan yang sangat maksimal, tepat waktu dan kordinasi yang bagus.

PT. PP (Persero) Tbk Kepala Logistik

Reguler Client Timor Leste & Domestic

Cukup kooperatif dan sangat aktif, terutama menanggapi permasalahan export maupun clearance di area Jayapura dan Dili

Cooperativa Cafe Timor Purchasing Dept


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